1st Travel Blog: Walkabout RTW

Hello Friends and Family,

Just tying up a few loose ends, and then goodbye Navy, hello freedom as of September 1st!  Many people have asked how I’m feeling about all of this.  Am I sad to leave the Navy?  Am I scared to be on my own? Do I have a plan afterwards? Am I excited to hit the road?  Well, the answer is yes to all.  Fear, anticipation, wonder, curiosity, and good healthy dose of anxiety have become a staple as I get closer to my Round the World Trip.  The one thing I don’t feel is doubt.  I’ve appreciated every wildly ridiculous moment I’ve had as a Navy pilot and Officer, many of which only a few get to experience in a lifetime.  But there is no doubt in my mind that this is the next step for me, a step into the unknown.   If any of you have ever considered one of these plane tickets, I HIGHLY recommend them.  I’ve booked mine with OneWorld by American Airlines.  So that’s my starting point.  A plane ticket.  Besides that, I have a tentative plan of locations, and friends I’ll meet up with along the way. I’ll be meeting my brother in China, my friend Simone in India to study yoga, and my friend Tytus in OZ.  Anyone else up for coffee half way around the world?

I’m not usually one to post or share things, but I decided to FINALLY grow up a little and set up a website/blog for my travels.  You already found my blog but you can find me here too!   http://www.walkaboutL.weebly.com


4 responses to “1st Travel Blog: Walkabout RTW

  1. Good luck on your travels and have fun but most of all be safe. Looking forward to following along with your endeavors.

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