The Walkabout begins…

After months of planning, signing my honorable discharge paperwork with the Navy, and leaving the comforts of home (including my beautiful iPhone and glorious Costco-pedic bed) I’ve landed in my first stop, London England. Although I’ll hopefully only be here a few hours before departing for Beijing, I was greeted to my first smile of the day, porridge at Starbucks. Ha!

Now I sit staring at the typical grey wispy rainy English day outside, trying to think of what this “Walkabout L” blog should be about. Obviously it will revolve around traveling the world, but I’m not obnoxious enough to think you all will keep tuning in just to hear about how much fun I’m having without you. In light of this realization, I’ve decided that I want it to contain more than just all the fantastically wild experiences. I want it to humbly be about growth, about expanding horizons and sharing with all of you, those things I feel will bring us joy and happiness to hear and learn about.

In the last week before I left, I was fortunate to take a yoga class from a wonderful teacher who shared a new Sanskrit word with me, Lila (pronounced “LEE – LA”). It’s a term for playfulness and amusement, for doing things simply for the sake of themselves, with no gains or attachment to results in mind. “Like a child building a sandcastle on the beach, unattached to his or her creation, knocks it down simply to build another.” This is what my trip is about, Lila. To travel for the sake of travel, to see, to be inspired, but with no ultimate goal in mind. I hope this blog can bring a little Lila to all of you too, that it simply brings you joy to read.

On that note, I depart. My sausage toes from the previous flight need to be elevated.


2 responses to “The Walkabout begins…

  1. I try to have a cup of Lila everyday. I love the new word. Today my Lila was cheering on my running friends during the Rock N’Roll half marathon. Great times seeing happy running faces. Safe travels chica!

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